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It's Not Done Until It's Done Right

  • It's Not Done Until It's Done Right
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WeldSeam recently took on a difficult project welding large aluminum cylinders to create 20 foot long sections for a Canadian end user.

large weldments; seam welding; cylinders; aluminum


This alloy of aluminum is notoriously hard to work with. Unfortunately it was the only material appropriate for the client's process.


The textbook welding techniques were not holding up to x-ray welding inspection, so we had to rally the entire team in our conference room and examine all options for exceeding the client's expectations.


Although it dramatically increased our own costs, the final process resulted in excellent quality tubes. The client was amazed as they watch WeldSeam innovate under pressure.


During a recent conversation the client said "You are honorable people. Every other vendor we have would have just shipped the original tubes as-is and tried to get away with it. You will get more work from us because we now know how you do business.